Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What to Cook When You Don't Feel Like it

What to Cook When You Don't Feel Like It

I recently come down with a bad cold and today I feel like I'm finally on the other side of it.  Thank goodness!   It was one of those I can barely hold my head up and I was sneezing every ten minutes kind. Gosh,  I sound kind of pitiful don't I?  It's just a cold!

Over the years I found out that even though I'm sick, people still need to eat.  Since I'm the cook the menu plan gets thrown out the window because really, I just can't imagine doing all that. So we go for easy and with a little help I've managed to feed them.   Although the meals may not be as healthy as when I'm up and about  ..their are full and happy!

Easy meals make for an easy clean up but you might still want to drag out those paper plates.   Some how everyone seems to disappear when it's time for doing the dishes!

So here are some ideas from my household:

1.  Hot Dogs - Husband went shopping (I was scared the whole time) and came home with two packages of hot dogs and buns. I've thanked him for this a dozen times yesterday.,  He said he knew it was coming and he'd better be prepared (I think he was happy for an excuse to have hot dogs).

Why two packages of hot dogs? He had it all planned out.  He boiled  the first pack and we had hot dogs with the chili sauce that I had frozen.   Today we are having sauerkraut and hot dogs with pinto beans I had frozen.

2.  Grab that freezer meal that you cooked up a few weeks ago.   My freezer is in the garage and I remember that there is a frozen dinner out there.  I'm going to drag myself out there today!

3. Soup and a sandwich.   With help or as long as they are old enough they can open up a can of soup and fix them a sandwich.   Easy as can be and it's happened a lot over the years.

4. Just give up and eat out!   Eating out at a fast food restaurant can be a waistline and a budget killer but I've been known to resort to that for a day.  Always save those coupons that come in the mail and have them ready!

What do you cook when you don't feel like it?

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