Thursday, February 5, 2015

4 Things Not to Do On a No Spend January

It's over our No Spend January we are on to a Low Spend February!   Seriously, it was great to be able to cut back on spending and help someone.   After doing this two years in a row I feel like a old pro but I'm not believe me.     A lot of things can happen in a month as you probably know and they usually do.

Here are 4 things Not to Do On a No Spend January:

1.  Get Sick.    Try your best not to come in contact with germs and get sick.   It will be disastrous to the overall budget (cooking, doctors bills, etc).   Good luck with this one.

2.  Send husband  (wife) to the grocery store with a budget without you.    They will just get what they need  want and say well I only spent ten dollars more.  All in all he didn't do too bad.   He did help me to figure out what to cook when I got sick.

3.  Don't do a no spend month without a goal.   Seriously you would not want to do this without a reason.  For instance paying off bills, go on a dream cruise, helping someone, etc.   Believe me No Spend January is a great thing to do but without a goal in mind you will fail.  Deny yourself for too long without a reason and failure will be knocking on your door.

4.  Don't go hog wild after the month is over and over-spend.   For me it's a immediate relief and it does make me want to go to the store and get everything I missed!

If you can start to consider the parts of your normal monthly budget that you could work on and see if you could start a little lower starting point this month.   Maybe you could try cutting back on a little of your spending money or watching your grocery bill.  Remember even this extra bit of money needs a goal.

Have you done a no spending month or would you consider one?

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