Saturday, February 21, 2015

Menu Plan for 2/22/15

We started watching our little granddaughter this past week  and we love it.  We knew we were going to watch her, we just forgot how time consuming it was to watch a baby!  We did receive a blessing of sorts when we received some very cold weather and we got two days off.   This gave me enough time to start making freezer meals to add to the ones I already had.    Lesson learned and I feel as though we will have healthier meals next week.  We just can't live off hot dogs- although my husband wouldn't care!

The weekends are free and clear though so we are happy to make those meals fresh and a little bit more difficult to make.

Now on to the menu for next week!

Sunday        Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans 

Monday       Hamburger Steak (w/baked potatoes in crockpot)

Tuesday      Chili (frozen meal)

Wednesday  Leftover Day   

Thursday     Salmon Cakes (frozen meal)

Friday         Chicken teriyaki w/brown flavored rice (frozen meal)
Saturday      Fish and Chips

What's on your menu?

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