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My Frugal Living Ways and Final Tally of our No Spend January 2/1/15

No Spend January

Here are my frugal living ways for this week:

Downloaded free kindle books to pass the time while I was sick.

The snap was broken on my grandson's pants and I didn't know how to fix it.   Husband suggested using Velcro behind the snap.   I used the Velcro in my stash and did just that!

Someone turned the dial on the refrigerator at my daughters home and it wasn't noticed till everything was completely thawed in the freezer.  Actually we were all glad it was just that and a new refrigerator was not needed.  You have to remember the blessings in situations like this and we were blessed with two dinners, meatloaf already cooked for us and BBQ beef for sandwiches.  She was blessed with not needing a new refrigerator!

I sent in a book to trade in with Amazon's trade in program.

No Spend January's Final Tally:

This year's No Spend January could have been better but mostly it went quite well.   We were able to help someone, pay our bills on time, and still come out with enough money to go to the grocery store yesterday before the big snow comes today.   This grocery shopping trip because of the incoming 9-10 inches of snow today will be counted for this week the beginning of February.

The question might be asked, didn't I want anything?   I was able to look past many things I want like I do normally but  a few things caught my eye while I was online.   I solved that problem by putting those things on my Amazon's wish list,  bookmarking them, or writing them down for upcoming garage sale season.    I have since looked back at those things and the feeling of wanting them has past.  Really, right now I couldn't tell you really what most of them were.

The one thing that did make the buy list was a pull out shelf for our deep medicine cabinet.   After trying to organize the best way I could we realized we needed this in order to find the aspirin.   We will be buying it tomorrow.

The final grocery shopping tally:

We have all been down with a cold/flu bug this past week and we are now on the road to recovery. I'm not sure who gave who what but since I was sick first I must have gave it to my husband.   Just before my wonderful germs fully embraced him,  he decided he would go grocery shopping.
Now he is quite frugal but he loves to grocery shop and all bet's were off to our $30 grocery bill.  I questioned the hot dogs because I had a menu plan you know.   He said he knew by the way I looked what was coming and he made up his own menu plan.

Sorry there are no pictures of our groceries.  To tell the truth  I'm not even sure I got all the receipts. Here though are the two I found and I'll just go with that!


Campbell's soup  4@  .75 each
Meijer Milk               2.25
Dole Juice            2@2.60 each
Frozen Pizza              2.89
Bag of grapefruit       2.99
Ball Park frank    2@2.00 each
Meijer bun                1.25

used .40 coupon for soup

Total   $23.53

Then I sent daughter to get some things at Kroger.

Diet coke                   4.50  (plus 1.20 bottle deposit)
Coke                          4.50 (plus 1.20 bottle deposit
Kroger tea bags         4,19
Milk                           2,50

used 2 free coke coupons from My Coke Rewards
used Free Milk coupon from buying cereal a couple of weeks ago

Paid $6.59

Total for this Week $30.12

Total for the Month  $164.03

We spent $44.03 over budget  -not bad but not great on the grocery budget.

We have decided to do this again this month with a slightly bigger budget for groceries.   This will help us get caught up with our savings.

How was your frugal week?

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