Monday, February 2, 2015

My Snowy Monday Projects

My Snowy Monday Projects
Looking out my window this morning

This morning I made it outside to help with shoveling about 12 inches or more of snow we got last night. We had banks of snow that had drifted up to 15 inches or more!  I was absolutely frozen!

The roads are not plowed yet so being stuck inside today gave me some time to get some things done in the kitchen. I've kind of switched from cleaning to cooking all day.

I've started back on Trim Healthy Mama.    I'll try to never again leave!  The problem started when last year I found that I could not tolerate chocolate or dairy products.  Think of it like this,  no more yogurt or skinny chocolate!

Determined to start back on the right track I've been making desserts today that meet my criteria.   All my desserts that I made today can be found in the book.   I plan on freezing some of these desserts ahead of time.

Coconut Blueberry Muffins

While they were cooking I straightened out the cabinet that holds the microwavable bowls.

It just took a few minutes of time and then I had it looking like this.

Back to cooking I started my sourdough working again so I could make waffles in the morning.  My recipe makes nine -enough for everyone to eat and also to freeze.

Back to cleaning I sorted out the pan drawer next, 

After a little organizing and cleaning I had it looking pretty good!

One last dessert was made -peanut butter cookies (from the book)

Now I'm all set for awhile on desserts for awhile and the cupboards are clean ...but oh the dishes I have to do!

Did you make any thing ahead lately?

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