Monday, March 2, 2015

My Goals for this Week 2/23/15

My Goals for this Week 2/23/15
                     A Woodpecker at our feeder this morning.

We have been seeing a lot more wildlife at our house this past week.   It gives me hope that Spring will finally come and I'll be able to get in my garden soon.  

Although the abundance of rabbits hanging around have me worried a little up the upcoming season!

I'm getting my Spring Cleaning down one room a week or so.   It will fill good to have it all done by the time I'm able to get out and enjoy the Spring weather.

We managed to put up the tent for grandson in the basement- I meant to take a picture but that didn't happen.   I love you tube.   I just put in the name of the tent on the search bar and then watched a man putting it up, step by step.   Easy.  He loved it.

Things I accomplished last week:

Write a book review.

Earn at least 30 Swagbucks a day. 

Keep exercising at least twice a week.   So far so good.   Let me tell you 10 min abs can feel like 30 minutes though.

Wash the kitchen ceiling and walls.

Wash kitchen curtains and blind.

Finish the crochet squares and mail them off to the charity where they make them into a blanket.   I changed the pattern to an easier one for me and I have finished 5 squares at night watching t.v.

Take some pictures of my pantry to send in to One Hundred Dollars a Month,The $20/$20 Challenge: Show Your Pantry – Fill a Pantry.   I've took a few pictures this morning but I need five.  Oh my, the refrigerator may need to be cleaned out.   Even if I don't get selected to be on her blog she will still donate to a food pantry.   Makes my heart feel good about that, so cleaning the refrigerator will be one of those priorities.  Done in Mavis's inbox now!

Put up the tent for the grandson in the basement.   We are going to do this today since it's a rather cold day and we are bored.   First things first though, since it was a garage sale find, we need to watch a youtube video on how to put it up!
Make a couple of meals for the freezer this weekend.

On to this week's goals:

Office Work

Write a book review.

Personal Goals

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day.   I want to order this bed skirt for my guest bedroom to go with the curtains.   If I can order it with swagbucks gift cards that would be great.   Watching the grandchildren I realize I don't have as much time to put into Swagbucks.   I have been able to earn more on the weekends.

Keep exercising at least twice a week.   So far so good.

Cleaning the home (spring cleaning)

Clean out my dress clothes closet in the computer room.

Wash the walls in the computer and steam clean carpet (if it stays warm enough).

Cooking goals:

Make a couple of meals for the freezer this weekend.  This is a priority!

What are your goals for this week?

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