Friday, May 29, 2015

Book Review: Hearts of the West: A Christian Historical Western Romance Collection

I'm so impressed by this collection of Christian Historical Western Romance's.   I really expected I would be able to finish all these great stories in a week and come back with 6 reviews. The first two books I read though this past week were quite detailed.   After reading these two very captivating books, my kindle lets me know that I'm only at 31% of this collection! What a deal!

Here are my thoughts on the first two books I've read this week.  I'll have more reviews for more of this collection later:

After the Rain by Leah Atwood

Leah Atwood brings us a story of two people who are brought together by circumstances beyond their control as they try to find love again.  I felt as though I was there as each town was described with such detail.  

I loved both of the main characters, Rand and Lettie, for their honesty with one another and their willingness to try again.   One character though stood out for me though was warm and loving Myrtle.  She immediately extended her friendship and home to Lettie.  Such hospitality with a stranger!

While reading this book many life lessons spoke to me but forgiveness was at the forefront.   That complete forgiveness only is possible with God.

Romance in the Rockies by Heather Blanton

All I can say is what a fascinating read!   Heather Blanton tells a story like one I've never read before.  I couldn't get enough and read this book every chance I got.

The description of the characters of the rough and tumble town of the old west made the story quite believable.  I was transformed back to the lawless old west within the first few pages.   

My favorite character Naomi stood out from the beginning.  She was the leader of the sisters, strong, opinionated, but yet quite loveable.  She struggles with her faith in God after some major things happen to her.   She made me think about my walk with God when dealing with hard circumstances. Just like Naomi I think, is it too easy because of where I live?  Am I too quick to judge and therefore not a good witness?   

Although this is a clean and Christian this book, it's my thought that it does deal with very adult situations.  Therefore it may not be suitable for young teenagers.

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review by one of the authors.

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