Thursday, June 25, 2015

12 Essentials to Put on Your Picnic Checklist

12 Essential to Put on Your Picnic Checklist Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We used to go on picnics a lot with the kids and we are continuing that tradition with the grandkids.   It's a frugal way to have a great time.   In the busyness of getting ready I seemed to forget something every time.   Luckily for us there would always be a corner store just before we would get to our destination and we would stop there to pick up what we needed forgot.  Oh yes, they know where to put those corner stores let me tell you. That bag of charcoal you bought on sale sitting back home in your garage. That will now cost you double the price.  Ouch! Ever happen to you?

I finally got enough and made a list. I keep it taped on the inside
of my picnic basket.   Now I'll just keep it real and tell you this isn't to say I still won't forget something.  Yesterday I  forgot the mustard and ketchup.  I remember having them out on the counter and then I remember putting them back in the refrigerator!  I remembered that about half way to our destination.   The gas station at one of our pit stops along the way didn't carry any.   Lucky for me there was a Subway attached and the worker gave me a handful of packets when I asked.   Yeah!

12 Essentials to Put on Your Picnic Checklist

1.   Tablecloth

2.    Plates

3.    Silverware

4.    Napkins

5.    Aluminum foil

6.    Can Opener

7.    Charcoal and Lighter

8.    Spatula and Tongs

9.    Ketchup

10.  Mustard

11   Marshmallows (or smores kit)

12.  Cheese if taking hamburgers

The list doesn't include sides, meat, and drinks.   Hopefully, I can remember those!

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