Friday, June 19, 2015

From Chicken Coop to Backyard Patio

I miss the chickens sometimes.  I miss their squawk, funny ways, and most of all their eggs.   What I don't miss though are the many times I went out to check on them in the Michigan bitter cold.   Just making sure they were okay, you know.   They were probably way better off them me!  

One winter  I fell one too many times and then the decision was made (mostly by my husband).  He spent the whole next summer convincing me to let them go.   I finally knew in my heart he was right. We found a lady up north on craigslist who owned a hobby farm and wanted more chickens.   Bring all you have, she said.

So we loaded all six of them in the truck and took a 2 hour ride.   We just wanted them to have a good home you know.   Oh man, I could tell when we dropped them off that they thought they had arrived in heaven.   More chickens to run around with and they were free range chickens.   Yep, heaven had to be on their mind.

So we came home and thought about what to do with the coop.   Greenhouse came to my mind right away.  A place to feel the dirt in the winter.  But they said it couldn't be done.  I then thought maybe a shed but no tools would fit correctly with the low sloping ceiling.   So in the end we sold it to one excited chicken keeper who desperately needed a coop.

After much thought we decided to make the space left into a backyard patio with our garage sale money.

This is what we accomplished today!   Our backyard patio. a place to rock in our old age!   Believe me after laying down all those big patio stones I feel old!

What big projects have you done lately?

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