Saturday, June 6, 2015

Menu Plan for the Week of 6/7/15

Last week I was worried about the heat and putting in the air conditioner.   This weekend some nice cool breezes have set in and it's cool with all the windows are shut.  Michigan can change in a second!

We got excited yesterday with our first garden harvest of Lettuce and Radishes!   My husband wanted his favorite meal this time of year, grease poured over the lettuce (wilted lettuce).  The sides included skillet cornbread  and some green onions.   He was in heaven and just couldn't stop talking about what a great meal that was!   He wasn't even interested in the meat! 

It will be so nice to have fresh produce from the garden on our table!

Sunday             Sauerkraut and Summer Sausages   (didn't get to last week)

Monday            Pizza (frozen Meal that we did not get to last week)

Tuesday            Spaghetti

Wednesday       Leftovers

Thursday           Fill the Grill day (if nice)  with chicken, hot dogs, Hamburger Steak

Friday               One of Thursday's meals from the Grill

Saturday           One of Thursday's meals from the Grill

What's on your menu?

Need some more ideas for menus?   You can see my past menu plans or search my recipes.

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