Friday, July 3, 2015

Book Review: The Link That Could Not Be Broken by C. L. Schaffer

From Amazon:

Gavin is a man who has lost his faith in God. 

During a periodic meeting with his lifelong friend and religious mentor, Dr. Faulkner Brickley, Gavin confesses that he is no longer a believer. Alarmed that his friend has lost the capacity to see that life can be extraordinary, the professor decides it’s time to reveal a secret. “We can either choose to use our talents or not to use them,” he tells Gavin before dramatically demonstrating to him that God has granted him with an amazing gift. 

Meanwhile, Gavin runs into his old flame at a funeral. He brought Elizabeth Kashner into the faith, all those years ago. But in his state of grief following the death of his father, he had told Elizabeth he no longer wanted her in his life. Although their chance meeting stirs up old feelings, nothing much comes of it—until Elizabeth goes on a missionary trip to the Russian republic of Ingushetia. 

When Elizabeth ends up being held hostage, Gavin offers to use his newfound talent to win her freedom. In the meantime, Elizabeth’s own plan of escape is to create a bond with one of her captors. 

As a result of their adventures, lives are changed—in very surprising ways. And Gavin sees that life can be extraordinary. But is this enough to shake his disbelief?

My thoughts:

The Link That Could Not be Broken is sit our modern day age.    This book takes circumstances that you know could very well happen now and do in our time.   The descriptions are very vivid and convincing in this action packed book.  

Although a very interesting read, it did take me awhile to get used to the switching of characters.   It seemed as though when I wanted to know more about one, the other was back in the game.  This made it very confusing but eventually I knew enough about all characters to get immersed in the book. 

This book reminds me to never refuse an offer to express your faith.   Make sure you do, you never know who is listening. 

This book was given to me by the author C.L. Schaffer in exchange for an honest review.

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