Friday, July 10, 2015

Garden Update for 7/10/15: An Empty Spot in the Garden

You don't see an empty spot in the garden from first glance. When you are walking to our vegetable garden it looks like nothing possibly could be wrong.  

Garden Update 7/10/15

I have had some wonderful comments from visitors who have stopped by.  They say the garden is just beautiful.  They are right the cabbages, pole beans, peppers, zucchini, cukes, and watermelon are all doing great.

The tomato plants are monostrous!   We have loads of tomatoes on the vine.   Can't wait for the first great tasting tomato!

We have six rows of wonderful white half runner beans growing.   They are starting to run together.   That's a great thing!  

But then, there is this:

Garden Update 7/10/15

Located just beyond those 6 rows of beans we have approximately 5 rows of beans that did not come up, twice! Nothing.... Zelch... Only weeds.  In the end we think the amount of rain we received actually rotted the bean seed.

There is hope:  

Garden Update 7/10/15

This morning I spotted our beet seed that we planted twice poking it's way up through the ground!     

Are there any blessings to having an empty spot in the garden? Definitely, this gives us a great spot to put our Fall crop of Mustard Greens in August!    

How's your garden growing?

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