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Our Menu for This Past Week 8/29/15

Our Menu for This Past Week 8/29/15  

We've had a pretty busy week with appointments and canning produce from the garden. Although there are a few more cabbages still in the garden, I'm done with canning them.  I ended up with 37 quarts of sauerkraut ...enough to last us and many church dinners this next winter!   

Garden Update 8/25/15-12 quarts of sauerkraut Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We've decided we all needed a little R&R so we are going to picnic today up north at the Sand dunes.   It's been a little rainy so we are hoping praying it will straighten up and the sun will poke through the clouds.   I don't want to forget anything so I'm making sure to look over my picnic list.  You can check out my 12 Essentials to Put on Your Picnic Checklist here.

Our Menu for This Past Week- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Now on to what was on the menu last week:

Our menu changes frequently in my home with use of leftovers, garden produce, or special occasions that come up. With that in mind I have decided to tell you what we have had this past week instead of what I have planned ahead.

Sunday             Baked chicken, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes

Monday            Chicken sandwiches with tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese

Tuesday            Pork chops, tomatoes from the garden, baked potatoes

Wednesday       Thawed a ham from the freezer.   Ham, eggs, and toast

Thursday           Very busy with appointments no time for cooking!

Friday               Ham and cheese omelets

Saturday           Picnic at the dunes

Need some more ideas for menus?   You view past menu plans or search my recipes.

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