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Book Review: The Amish Christmas Sleigh by Kelly Long, Amy Lillard, Molly Jebber

 The Amish Christmas Sleigh

The Amish Christmas Sleigh  

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Kelly Long 
For solitary toy-maker Sebastian Christner, hiring Kate Zook as his new housekeeper is simply the right thing to do. Now she can support her special-needs brother. But one taste of her independent spirit is showing him undreamed-of holiday joy—and making him long to give her a home for always . . .

Amy Lillard
Bernice Yoder has far too much to do to entertain holiday dreams. Even if she can help Jess Schmucker outwit his three mischievous young daughters, it's impossible to imagine the handsome widower can see her as anything but a scolding schoolteacher. He never guesses how a magical Christmas Eve will open his eyes to love or how Der Herr will awaken their faith and hope. 

Molly Jebber
As much as Charity Lantz's children need a father, the young widow isn’t sure her new neighbor Luke Fisher can ever be the right choice. They’re having more disagreements than snowflakes in December. Besides, he's never given a sign he wants to be more than friends. Can Gott show them a way past their misunderstandings to a forever love?

My thoughts:

My favorite out of all three was the book in the middle.  So I will review it first.

A Mamm for Christmas
Amy Lillard

This book flowed smoothly keeping my interest throughout. The emotions of grieve over losing a loved one and then the loneliness of not having a mate to share life journeys, were described so perfectly.  I felt hope for Jess as he finally realized that he could love again and struggled to find the right person. 

To me what made this book so enjoyable were the sisters of this book. The three daughters of Jess reminded me of my sister and me when we were little. The oldest daughter, Constance, was my favorite.  She was thoughtful, convinced that she was always right, had repentance when she was wrong, and loved being the ringleader.   

I don't want to forget Jess's younger sister Reba. She was willing to help, gave him that extra push when needed, and then knew when to leave.    

Really the man didn't have a chance!  

Wonderful read!

Molly Jebber

A  romance with a little bit of suspense helped to make this book a enjoyable read.    

I could relate to the feelings Charity had with her children. It would be so difficult trying to find them a caring Father.  Then to relinquish some of the control she had for a while over their well-being would be so hard.   She remains strong throughout and admits to her mistakes.

The story flowed well for the most part.  I did have a little problem when the doctor was mentioned several times as being so withdrawn. Not even a little clue was given as to the answer.  It would have been great if this was expanded on. 

A great story overall!

A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain
Kelly Long

This will be I think my shortest review ever of a book.   Let me say first the storyline was good and it was mostly a clean romance.   Everyone once in a while though a few sensual sentences were included. Needless to say I was quite disappointed and surprised they were there.  I felt they were not needed. What a great story it would have been without them!.

This book was given to me by one of the authors on Netgally in exchange for my honest review.

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