Tuesday, September 29, 2015

6 Ways I Survived A Tiresome Week

6 Ways I Survived A Tiresome Week

Sometimes life catches up to us. We try our best but so many disasters strike they can lead us to exhaustion trying to plow threw them.  The disasters can be a number of things like, sickness, ruined dinner's, too many chores, or cars breaking down.   We just try to survive through the mess.   You ever have weeks like that?

I have to admit that's what happened last week to me.  It started out kind of wild and I can't pin it on any one thing -it was a little bit of everything.  For instance, a bad dinner, too many chores, and a woman (me) who thought she could do it all.   I was tired and exhausted but through it all I learned some things I thought I would share with you.

Here are the 6 ways I survived a tiresome week:

1. Do the best you can and accept that you can not do everything.   I let my daughter have someone else make my grandson birthday cake. It was just not going to happen here. When she said that she had someone else making the cake, I was secretly relieved. I didn't even say anything she must have known. That cake was so cool and tasted great.

Grandson blowing out his candles at his birthday party-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

2.   Let it go.  Let it go.  I let the laundry pile up and I didn't get it done everyday. It eventually got done just not in my usual timely matter.  In the end I've decided I will let this chore go every Sunday unless there is a emergency.

3.  Ask for help. Somehow I had decided that I could do it all and my family, bless their hearts, were letting me!   I began to realize that and gently encouraged them to get back to helping me with the chores.   

4.  Get out.  We had a date night. Our date night last week helped us connect with each other and get away for a few hours!  We also went for walks with the beautiful grandbaby and bike rides to the lake at sunset.

Ducks at our lake -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

5.  Find Joy. Maybe this should have been first.  I found joy all week long.  I didn't have to look far to see a baby's smiling face, a grandson's birthday joy, or hear my husband's great laugh.  That alone kept me rolling!

Beautiful grandbaby-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

6.  Love where you live. I began to love my home again as I realized my home was not going to be featured in a magazine.  You know, Better Home and Garden's never came knocking on my door.  Thank goodness.    

This week has already began with a sense of peace and I feel like I can tackle the world again.   Not by myself mind you but with a little help!

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