Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our Fall Color Tour

Ausable River -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I realized yesterday as we were traveling up north (Michigan) that we love to go the same route every year to see the fall colors.  We never stray we just head up the same way.  We just love the view of the Ausable River I guess.  

There is just one problem with that..I have the same pictures every year! Sometimes the colors are more vibrant but it's the same exact view. 

We are definitely creatures of habit. This year I decided to look at things a bit differently.

Ducks in the Marsh-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden\\

Same view but I happened to look down in the marsh and found these pretty ducks or maybe they were swans.

The Empty road- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We were the only ones on the road probably because it was Monday.  Nice beautiful relaxing drive.

The Bear Store- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We even stopped at places we haven't been to in many years.   We will be back up to take grandson (soon I hope) to The Bear Store.

The Bear -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I thought what a cute bear playing with a stick.    That is until I saw these!

The Bears Claws-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I wouldn't want to cross his path in the woods that's for sure!   

With some Pinconning cheese, a 50 lb bag of potatoes, and 5 lb bag of onions in the trunk we headed back home satisfied with our day trip to see the Fall colors.

Do you take a ride to see the fall colors?  

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