Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week

lamp shade picked from my daughter's trash

I picked my daughter's trash.. yes I'm on roll with the trash picking!  While taking out her trash (a feat she has a problem with since she broke her arm) I saw she had thrown her broken lamp away. I have always wanted a lamp shade like this so I grabbed it up. Looks great in my bedroom. It pays sometimes when you give a helping hand!  

I ordered the cat a toy with my Paw Points at Fresh Step.  Hope it arrives in time for Christmas. Believe me our cat knows what is going on and expects something!

Meijer was my go to store this past week!  I bought two $25 Mastercard gift card's and used a mperk reward for $15.00 off.   It ended up a savings of $7.00 after the card fees.  It still made a great coupon when I bought my groceries. - I also used coupon for .50 off two gallons of milk and also had a $5.00 reward I earned.   We bought two spiral hams (one for Christmas and one for the freezer) on sale for $1.17 a pound.  Great deal!  Then  I went to the gas pump and saved .50 a gallon with prescription reward. This made my gas $1.30 a gallon!   Just in time because the gas has went back up for the weekend around here.

I made a freezer meal!  Hamburger was on sale so we used it for quite a few meals on our menu last week.   Fresh hamburger is always so good. A pan of lasagna is now waiting in the freezer for later.

I downloaded a game for a $5.00 credit from Amazon.  With another credit I had earned plus a 25% off coupon it made a great deal on toilet paper. I also chose no rush shipping to receive another $1.00 credit for Kindle books.

Cows grazing in the fields in December

We've saved a lot on our gas bill so far this winter.   This past week we have had temperatures in the 50's and 60's!  Very unusual for Michigan. On our drive yesterday we spotted these cattle grazing on greens that normally would be frozen and most likely covered in snow.   

What ways have you saved this week?

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