Monday, February 8, 2016

My Top Goals for this Week 2/8/16

My love of reading...Vickie's Kitchen and Garden 2/8/16

Confession is good for the soul they say.  So, I'll just tell you sometimes I just lay on the bed and read...for hours...and it's wonderful!   I'm not sure what I love the Amish romance so much, maybe it's the old time ways. I do tend to favor them though.  It's nice though to get a great cookbook, gardening book, or even a Christian suspense novel in the mix.   Reading gives me a lot of joy and relaxation!

I read more in the winter than in the Summer. What about you, do you read more in different seasons?  Do you have a genre you just love to read?

Well I did get some things accomplished in between books:

Read the Bible more!

Watching my diet!  This is very hard! 
Write a Book review.  I reviewed Anna's Healing by Vannetta Chapman

Take more pictures. For some reason I keep leaving my camera at home.

Clean the inside and outside of dish cabinets.

Wash the ceiling. 

Help oldest daughter with basement (almost done)   Someday we might do this but really I think we will leave up to her...ha ha

Walk in the mall a couple of times.

Go to Sunday School again next week.  (love it!) 

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day.

High Priority List

Read the Bible more!  (I have to admit It's just been 2 or 3 times a week)

Watching my diet!  This is very hard! 

Office Work:

Write a Book review.  I'm currently reading The Forgotten Recipe by Amy Clipston and I'm in the kitchen with Prep Ahead Meals from Scratch by Alea Milham.

Call about insurance bill (this morning).

Kitchen and House Work:

Wash the kitchen walls. (then the kitchen will be totally done)

Clean the guest room.

Personal Goals

Crochet more baby hats and maybe try to crochet the afghan that goes with them.  These are for charity.

Walk in the mall a couple of times.

Go to Sunday School again next week.  (love it!) 

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day. 

What are your goals for this week?

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