Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review: Noah's Sweetheart by Rebecca Kertz and Plain Peril by Alison Stone

I received these books in one book (2 in 1).  Sorry I could only find individual links to each book on Amazon.

 Noah's Sweetheart

Noah's Sweetheart (Lancaster County Weddings Book 1)

From Amazon:

A Place to Heal

After suffering a broken engagement, teacher Rachel Hostetler is looking for a fresh start. When handsome Noah Lapp rescues her from a runaway buggy her first day in town, things seem hopeful. Then Rachel hears talk that Noah is expected to court her cousin, Charlotte. Yet Noah spends all his free time with Rachel. Will Rachel discover the truth without losing her heart? And find a happy-ever-after in Happiness, Pennsylvania?

My thoughts:

Noah's Sweetheart  by Rebecca Kertz was a great book to set back and enjoy reading page after page. The romance was sweet and the issues that were brought up were things that could happen to everyone.  The descriptions made it feel as though I was there.  I could imagine the school house being built, I could feel the love for God and others the community displayed, and I could almost taste the wonderful food that was made! There was just enough action to keep me turning the pages to see how everything will turn out.  

I admired Rachel who stood out with her strength to overcome her past.  It wasn't an instant healing but one she was able to work on with God's help.

A great book to read!   

 Plain Peril (Love Inspired Suspense)

From Amazon:

After her sister is found dead and her brother-in-law goes missing, Hannah Wittmer rushes back to the Amish community she abandoned to care for her young nieces. Although she makes every effort to blend in, she's still seen as an outsider—and quickly attracts the attention of a killer. She knows Sheriff Spencer Maxwell is fast on the murderer's tracks, but the Amish townspeople are as suspicious of him as they are of Hannah. As threats escalate—now targeting Hannah and the handsome sheriff—they'll follow any trail to uncover a vicious criminal. Even if that trail leads them right to their own backyard…

My thoughts:

Plain Peril by Allison Stone was such a different feel of an Amish Story.  Although the story was well written, I'm not sure I enjoyed reading about this other side of the Amish that might exist.   

I admired Hannah for stepping up to take care of her sister's children.   The lengths that she went to overcome her self doubts were admirable and I hope I would do the same.

The mystery though seemed to drag for quite awhile and I quickly lost interest in the who done it. Overall again this book was well written but just not a keeper for my shelves. 

I received these books (2 in 1)  for free in exchange for my honest review. 

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