Thursday, April 21, 2016

Book Review: A Road Called Love by Murray Pura

 A Road Called Love

A Road Called Love - Volume 1 - The Highway

From Amazon:

There was nothing the police could do - the Amish girl was of age, she was leaving the community of her own free will,
no laws had been broken. The state troopers could not force her back home even if the boy she was running from 
Pennsylvania with was a suspected drugs dealer. But there was something the Amish could do - pray, hope, encourage 
one another with God's Word - and ask two young people who were still in rumspringa to go after the girl and plead with
her to return to them. So a journey begins, a journey of great danger and a journey of great distances but also a journey 
of great love.

My thoughts:

A Road Called Love ended up being one of those books that stayed with me for days after I read it. This was a book that didn't disappoint in any way... I enjoyed it page after page.   

The love that Murray Pura wrote about came in all different ways: The love of parents, to not give up in looking for their daughter. The romance of two people in love (in my opinion the best part of this book).  The love of a sister to keep looking for her sibling no matter what.  The love of long lost family, that were willing to help in anyway possible. The love of strangers, who were willing to step up when they heard of the cause. Last but not least the Love of God, who gave them strength to go on and protection along the way.

I felt as though I was traveling across country with them with the wonderful descriptions.  Oh the places we visited! The research or maybe the real life experiences of the author made the descriptions pop out of the pages.  

Milwaukee stood out for me with the way he cared about Michal. He showed her respect and cared for her in so many ways. True love like it should be.

This book made me think that sometimes I may be too quick to judge people on how they look.  I love it when I feel like I've walked away with a lesson learned from reading a book.   

A wonderful, wonderful book!  

I was given this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.

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