Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Count My Blessings Wednesday -Date Day with Husband

Count My Blessing Wednesday -Date Day with Husband-fishing on the shore

We had a day all by ourselves on Monday.  I'll call it date day.  The weather has been so nice that we deceided to go fishing.  We ended up spending the whole day fishing ...on  three different lakes and didn't catch a thing.   Except  the quiet and the togetherness!  

Count My Blessing Wednesday -Date Day with Husband-Reflection on the Lake-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Even though it got near 80 on Monday you can see by the reflection on the lake the trees have no leaves yet!   It's crazy and wonderful weather here at the same time.

I was like a comedy act all by myself.   I put bobbers up in trees and got tangled in bushes twice.   I think he was exhausted helping me.   

Then I saw this   -can you see them?

Count My Blessing Wednesday -Date Day with Husband-3 bobbers in the tree

Three bobbers up in the tree that were not mine.   Made me feel so much better.  

Just look at how pretty the blue sky was.  

We were blessed with a wonderful day with lots of enjoyment.  I know I should have taken a picture of us...someday soon I will.   I haven't mastered the selfie yet. 

For those who might think this is a cheap date it's all in how you look at it.  We ended up spending $50.00 on fishing licenses for the year for the two of us, $6.00 on shrimp (I hear the fish love it), $4.00 on worms (husband doesn't believe they will like shrimp), and $5.00 on a snack at Taco Bell. 

It all worked out because the Taco Bell tasted great, the shrimp went back in the freezer for another day, the worms are now happy in the Spring garden, and we will fish many more times this summer!  


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