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Interview with Amy Lillard and Giveaway of Just Plain Sadie (Giveaway is Over)

 Just Plain Sadie (A Wells Landing Romance)

Just Plain Sadie (A Wells Landing Romance)

I'm so excited to have Amy Lillard on the blog today.   I have read many of her books and love them.  Here is a summary of her new book Just Plain Sadie (A Wells Landing Romance) from Amazon.  

The Amish of Wells Landing, Oklahoma, treasure their close-knit community, and the promise of their growing families. But one young woman is struggling to choose a future that is true to both her heart and her faith…

Everyone in Wells Landing has long expected Sadie Kauffman and Chris Flaud to marry--despite Sadie's telling them differently. While she loves Chris, it is more as a friend than a husband. Yet at twenty-two, the plainest girl in her group, Sadie is also the only one who is still single. Perhaps it's time to be practical and marry Chris--though he still has not asked. But when Sadie meets a kind, handsome Mennonite, it seems her prayers have been answered… 

With Ezra Hein, Sadie at last feels the joy she nearly gave up on. Unfortunately, others only feel shock that she would consider marrying an outsider. To complicate matters, Chris has finally begun talking to Sadie about their future. Distressed, Sadie will have to search her heart to recognize God's marvelous gifts to her--and find the courage to accept them, challenges and all…

 Amy was happy to respond to a few questions I had for her:

How did you get started writing about the Amish?
I started writing Amish romance at the suggestion of my then agent, Mary Sue Seymour.  At first, I thought she was kidding.  Amish romance?  I had never heard of such a thing!  When I realized she was serious, I got serious too.  I did my research and came up with a story that would fit the genre but would still reflect my writing style.  Now I love the character traits the genre offers, the different outlook on life and God, and the balance that the Amish somehow find between their world and ours.

Where do you get your new ideas from?

I honestly don’t know.  The ideas are just…there.  Occasionally I have to sit down and come up with a story before my muse starts whispering in my ear about it.  If this is the case, I like to get a pen and paper and start writing until the story becomes clear. Many of my Amish ideas come from talking with my Amish friends about their lives. My assistant and I spent a week living with our Amish friend in the fall and I got inspiration just from experiencing her daily life.

Do you have time to read yourself and if so what are you reading right now? 
I would love to have more time to read!  Currently I am reading Don't Look Down by Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer.

I write romance and admittedly a little more. But romance is where it all began. I love to watch the  characters work through their problems, overcome what stands in their way and eventually fall in love. And the only place to get that every time is a romance. Which is probably why I write so many different sub-genres of romance: Amish, Christian historical, short contemporary, romantic comedies, and sweet contemporary with more to come.

Amy loves nothing more than a good book. Except for her family...and maybe homemade tacos...and nail polish. But reading and writing are definitely high on the list. 

Born and bred in Mississippi, Amy is a transplanted Southern Belle who now lives in Oklahoma with her deputy husband, their genius son, three spoiled cats, and one very lazy beagle.

When she's not creating quirky characters and happy endings, she's chauffeuring her prodigy to guitar lessons, orchestra concerts, and baseball practice. She has a variety of hobbies, but her favorite is whatever gets her out of housework.

The award winning author of over twenty-five books and novellas, Amy is a member of RWA, ACFW, NINC, and the Authors Guild. She loves to hear from readers. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest. For links to the various sites, check her

You can enter here for a chance to win a copy of Just Plain Sadie:  
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Lana is the winner!   Congratulations!

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