Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Count My Blessings Wednesday: My Grandchildren are Such a Blessing

My Grandchildren are a Blessing-Granddaughter enjoying banana pudding

I'm so blessed with our two grandchildren.  I was so happy to have them come for dinner on Mother's day.  For dessert I made a simple banana pudding for our dessert.  You can see my little granddaughter loved it!

My Grandchildren are a Blessing

We went to the nature preserve for an after dinner walk.  We went in the nature building and had a great time looking at all the displays. Here is my grandson next to the stuffed deer.  He was wrapped up in his Mom's coat because it was a little bit chilly.

While we were in the building we found out we can rent walking sticks and explore backpacks for free!  Next time we go we will have a blast.

My Grandchildren are a Blessing=Turtles

The Turtles were in out in full force!

My Grandchildren are a Blessing-picture of turtles

Our grandson is a climber, jumper,  and explorer!   You can see in the background that our trees are beginning to have leaves now! I love Spring!  

My Grandchildren are a Blessing

What  are your blessings this week?

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