Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner table and My Goals for the Week 5/29/16

Strawberry plants-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Garden is planted!  So sorry I haven't posted as much as normal but my life this week has been about the getting the garden planted.  It got hot all of sudden here in Michigan.  We seemed to go from snow to deep summer in a span of a couple of weeks.  The heat seemed to make garden planning and planting drag out very slowly. It's all done now and I will post more about it next week!  

Bought hamburger at $1.99 a pound at Meijer.  I let it brown in the crock pot while I was in the garden.  I then froze into one pound bags for quick dinners.

I made banana bread out of the bananas that were getting older.

Husband fixed the bathroom screen that kept falling out.  I'm not allowed to move it aside to shake the bathroom rug anymore.   Shoot it was such a great cleaning hack!

What Was On the Dinner Table:

Monday       Leftovers of lasagna (I made garlic bread)

Tuesday       Leftovers of anything in fridge (mainly hot dogs and lasagna)

Wednesday  Hamburgers

Thursday:    Hamburger Steak

Friday:         Out to eat with gift card I won

Saturday:     Fried wingdings and potatoes

Sunday:       Kind of scary but husband said he would cook dinner  (I imagine it will be chicken of some sort because that is thawed out)

My Goals for this Week:

In the garden:

Garlic Bed that needs weeding -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I need to finish weeding the garlic bed.

Finally put netting on strawberries after I weed a little more.

Mulching is done and I need to buy white rock to place around the house. 

Plant the rest of the school garden.  I'm not able to get the book of square foot gardening until Tuesday due to regula
r and holiday closings.  I'll plant the middle or end of the week.   

In the home:

Clean the refrigerator.

Hem the pants I bought at a garage sale last week.  


Write a book review. 

Figure out how to get a Facebook badge for the blog. 

What frugal things have you done so far this week?  

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