Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner table and My Goals for the Week 6/5/16

My $1.00 garden hat-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

On Memorial day we went to Shipshewana for the flea market. I was able to get a t shirt for my daughter for $2.50 and other things that were needed for the household.  I couldn't find a hat though that I liked well enough to buy.

When we came home my husband went to a garage sale and found great floppy hat for $1.00 for me.   I'll be ready next time.  

We stopped on the way out of Shipshewana at  E&S sales and along with other deals we were able to buy strawberries for a $1.00 a quart.  I made strawberry muffins and milkshakes this week.   It would be so nice to have a E&S sales here.

I also picked the first strawberries out of our garden (a handful).  I expect more soon.

The herb garden-My Frugal Ways This week

Used bricks that came from Mom's house to border the herb garden.

I planted the garden at the elementary school. Not wanting to step foot in the local greenhouse again (I love to buy plants) I dug up a cabbage plant and a pepper plant from my garden to use there.  I also used the seed that I had already.  I watered everything really well before I left.    

With the heat I was able to hang out clothes to dry a couple of times.   They can dry faster outdoors in the heat than putting them in the dryer.

I picked up the last two free Friday downloads at Kroger and answered their survey on the receipt for 50 extra fuel points.   We shopped on the weekend so I also download the 2x fuel rewards coupon.

What was on the Dinner Table last week:

Monday:       Out to eat (Hardee's near the expressway because we don't have one close here)

Tuesday;       Chicken fajitas

Wednesday:  Mac and cheese - I added cooked ground beef I had in the freezer to make it more like a casserole.  

Thursday       Leftover mac and cheese (I added more cheese and sour cream), corn on the cob

Friday           Out to eat Pizza  (I volunteered for field day ...the heat exhausted me.  After eating pizza I literally came home went to bed and woke up Saturday)

Saturday        BBQ Smoked Pork Chops, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes

Sunday          Dinner at church

My Goals for this week:

In the garden:

Work on the rocks that I didn't even start last week.

Weeds are popping up now that we have had a rain.  I hope to try and keep ahead of them.

In the home:

Hem the pants I didn't get to last week.

Have our wedding bands fixed (they both broke last week -weird)


Write a book review.

Work on Instagram.

Work on an important blog post for the end of the month (more on this later).

What frugal things have you done so far this week?  

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