Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner Table and My Goals for the Week 7/24/16

Here is a list of the frugal ways I've saved this past week.  

We had a deer come through the garden and eat the greens of many of the beets.   After looking over the stems I realized that it was was time to harvest some anyway.    

Trying to beat the heat I'm making a small canner load of pickled beets this morning.  I'll be going to church but a nap will be needed shortly after...

My husband put a like new faucet on the outdoor sink that we've had for awhile. We bought the faucet at a garage sale for $2.00.  So glad that he got it done in time to help me clean the beets.

The farmer at my old school gave me some lettuce.   It was enough for my husband to have wilted lettuce and cornbread plus two salads for me.  I put some Tommy toe tomatoes from my own garden on top of my salads (some of them actually made it back in the house).

We saved .20 a gallon on gas at Kroger with my fuel rewards.  I would have filled out another survey but I lost the receipt. I also picked up the six pack of Kroger Coke that was a Friday freebie a couple of weeks ago.  

We went to a sale close by and managed to get a lot of brand new toys for the grand kids for Christmas and their birthdays.  It was a foster/adoption agency and they were going out of business. Such a relief to get so many of their presents already bought!  

Menu-What was on the Dinner Table

Monday                Homemade Pizza (with leftover chopped up grilled hamburger on top)

Tuesday               Hot dogs

Wednesday         Baked Chicken from Sam's

Thursday             Leftover baked chicken, wilted lettuce, salad,  and cornbread.

Friday                   Out to eat

Saturday               Coke can Chicken on the grill.  We don't drink or buy beer so a long time ago I started using Coke or Dr. Pepper when I have it (Dr. Pepper is the best).    Sorry Coke but you are a great second....

Sunday                      BBQ Chicken sandwiches.   Just leftover chicken with BBQ sauce warmed in the crockpot.  

**I was heavy on the chicken this past week and I have been given the evil eye by the youngest daughter.  I'd better fix that this next week.       

My Goals for this week:

In the garden:

Weed the vegetable and flower gardens.

Plant mustard seeds  (I cannot plant until it rains).   

In the Home:

I managed to clean the carpet in two bedrooms.  I will be doing the last bedroom and living room carpet next week.

Date with Husband:

We want to go fishing.  Stronger heads prevailed last week and we decided we couldn't go fishing in 100 degree heat.   We will try again this week but the forecast does not look good.  We went out to eat together.  


Write a book review.

What ways have you saved this week?

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