Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Garden Update 8/10/16: Two Plants that I've Noticed in my Garden That Don't Require Watering Every Time, and Is It a Bug or a Bird?

Morning watering of the vegetable garden-Mustard greens

Our part of Michigan is very low on rainfall.  We get rain but it can be weeks apart and it's not near our usual amount. Then you take that with the heat that we've been getting and it spells disaster for our garden.

I water our vegetable garden every chance I can get.  I'm out there sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night.  To me either time is good it doesn't seem to matter one way or the other.  

There are a couple of plants in my gardens that I've noticed that don't require watering every time I'm out there:  

Herb garden-some herbs don't require as much water as others.

My herb garden is growing great without constant watering. When I put the plants in the ground I made sure to water to get them established. Now though I haven't watered them as much as my vegetable garden. Maybe every other time I'm out there.  Now if I had of watered more just maybe they would be even more beautiful and going crazy with growth. Really though I don't think so. 

Some herbs require more watering than others. I planted lemon grass, plantain, lavender, thyme, and sage.  They seem to do better if you don't keep them in wet soil all the time (these just happen to be the herbs I love).  If they look or feel like they are dry you should make sure you water more.  

Hens and Chicks great to grow in a drought!

I have never watered my hens and chicks in my strawberry pot.   Not even once. They are very drought tolerant. Good thing because I basically forgot about them! You can see I need to separate them soon they are having so many offspring. 

Is it a bug or a bird?

a Beautiful Humming Bird Moth- I've never seen one!

I wasn't sure what this was at first until my daughter told me on Facebook it was a hummingbird moth (she looked it up).  It has a long pointy nose like a hummingbird with the markings of a moth.   Very pretty.  Something I had never seen before. 

Have you ever seen one before?  

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