Friday, August 19, 2016

This week at our House: Canning, Beautiful Granddaughter, Heat, Rain, and the Garden!

Peaches canned up for the winter-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

It seems like this week has been crazy busy. We sure have had some great times though!  We went down to the farmers market and bought a bushel of peaches. I'm still canning this morning and I think I will end up with 30 pints. These are going to taste so good this next winter. Although it seemed expensive we estimated that we have saved a couple of dollars per quart by doing this.

The farmer said that they were small because of the drought but sweet.  They are delicious. So funny it just feels good to be canning something!  

Grandbaby with her popsicle and her toys everywhere!   Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I found this great idea to put a cupcake liner underneath beautiful granddaughter's Popsicle somewhere in the land of Pinterest (when I find where I will link to it).  It solves the problem of her hand freezing (which she hates) plus catches all the drips. She has a great time at Me maw and Pop's house as you can see behind her!  

Even the mints will melt in this heat!  Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Every Sunday when we go to church my husband makes sure he has plenty of mints in his pocket.  I'm not sure what exactly I do but all of sudden he will look at me, dig in his pocket, and hand me one. I think I must move around a lot and he tries to calm me down. 

This Sunday though I had quite a time unwrapping it because the mint was stuck to the plastic. I was trying to be quiet but plastic can make quite a bit of noise. Which then generated a few snickers from the husband.  So much for us being quiet.

When we came home I realized that all the mints were pretty much melted in the candy jar.  I guess that's what extreme heat will do!  

Lone fisherman at dusk-nice stroll by the lake.  Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We took a relaxing stroll by the lake this past week.  It was just the two of us and a late night fisherman.  We watched as a big one jumped up right beside him and managed to get away.

A sea of Mustard Greens-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

With the recent rains we've had we are now downgraded to just a moderate drought!  If it keeps up I will get to can some mustard greens too!  

How's everything at your house?

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