Thursday, September 15, 2016

Book Review: Potty Train in a Weekend by Becky Mansfield

Potty Train in a Weekend: Potty training in 3 days by [Mansfield, Rebecca]

Potty Train in a Weekend: Potty training in 3 days 

From Amazon:

This book will help you to have your child potty trained in three days! It is the only complete guide to potty training that you will need. In this book, you will learn the secret to potty training in three days, how to deal with hurdles such as: ‘They won’t poop on the potty!” or “They were using the potty, but now they are having accidents all of the time!” (regression).

You will not be going back and forth between diapers, pull-ups and underwear anymore. You child will be completely trained in a weekend. This is a well-written book. It is very detailed and informative. This book is a great book for you that talks about all things “Potty-Training”. It is going to give you all of the information and tools that you need to start potty training and complete it in three days.

If your child is already trained or is in the middle of training, this book is perfect for you, as well. It will walk you through the hurdles that you will face, the struggles that you will have, the praise and reward system that you want, and more.

Parents all over the world are having success with this system and now you can, too!

My thoughts:

It's worth a try!  

Becky Mansfield goes into great detail on how you can potty train a child in a weekend and the method to do this. It takes two things, dedication and commitment.  I love that she spells all of that out for you. Potty training is work and this method is no different in that respect. 

Although the thoughts of "pee" everywhere kind of put me off at first, I then remembered that's what happens when you potty train your child.  Her method though seems to get the idea of going to the potty  into the child's head faster.  She tells of struggles you may have, that it's perfectly normal to have them, and how to overcome them. She also gives you a day by day action plan and the tools you will need.   

Wish I had someone that would have told me just how to get it done when my kids were little but now I feel like I can pass some of this information to my daughter.  This method is certainly worth a try!  

Update:  We never used this method.  It might be worth a try though.  

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for my honest review.  

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