Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner Table and My Goals for the Week 10/9/16

It was so warm here last week that we were still enjoying going to garage sales.  I bought some vintage material for .50 each.  I hope to find great projects for it this winter when the snow is flying. 

I made up pie crusts and froze them (thanks for the idea Rhonda)

I froze peppers, dried herbs, and saved green bean seeds from my garden.

I shopped sales and used coupons last week. It was a major week of stocking up for us.  Great deals!   

Here is what I bought this week grocery shopping:


7 boxes of General Mills cereal  $1.88  (used coupons making them around $1.25 each)
Bananas                                         $1.42
Bakery donuts   4                        $3.00
5 bags of Halloween Candy       $1.88  (down to $1.22 w/coupons) (they are in the freezer behind a lot of things)
Dark chocolate chunks               $2.89
Cashews                                         $5.99
Oscar meyer hot dogs  3             $2.99
Almonds                                        $4.99
Del Monte Corn    (12)                $  .79 (down to .59 with two different e-coupons)
Salad                                              $1.49 (marked down)
Buttermilk                                    $1.19 (qt-marked down)
Deans sour cream                        $  .99 (marked down)
Celery                                             $1.59
Herbal Essence Shampoo  (2)  $2.50 (down to .50 each after ecoupon)
1 packages of Goody hair care    $3.29
Barretts for granddaughter          $2.79 (she took them out of her hair immediately)
All Detergent (3)                            $2.99 (down to $1.99 w/ecoupon)
2 gallons of Milk                            $1.59 each
Almond Milk                                  $3.29 ( used .50 coupon)
4 cartons of Kroger Pop                $2.25 each with 1.20 bottle deposit (MI)  (not shown)
Bottle return                                     -$6.40

Balance                                            $86.49

We also went to Pinconning MI and bought cheese at the Cheese Store -$40.00.  

Meijer:   We had the most fun going to Meijer this week for soup!

Our first checkout

Almond Milk                          $2.99
21 cans of Campbells soup  $4.13  (tomato .59 each)
                                                  $9.44 (chicken noodle .59 each)
Onions b1/g1 free                  $1.99 for both
Milk                                         $1.99 (a piece -2 gallons)
Coupons                                 -$2.40 (for soup)
Total:                                       $20.13

As I was checking out I received a coupon for $2.00 when you bought 6 more cans of soup!   

6 cans of Campbells soup          $1,18 and $2.35
coupon                                          $2.00
Total                                              $1.54   (making soup .25 a can)

I did this twice because it gave me another coupon again. I even got one more coupon and gave it to my daughter!  It's amazing how fun it was to keep getting coupons!

I also ordered from Grove.

This is my first time ordering so I received $10.00 off.  To me it's like Amazon's subscribe and save but all green merchandise.  I'm set up to receive now a order every other month and can pick and choose what I want.   I ordered from another person so she got $10.00 off too (you can do this too).  You have to buy at least $20.00.  If you would like to try it too here is my link where you can read more about it.  

4 boxes of Facial tissue
12 pk of Bathroom tissue
Toilet Bowl cleaner
2 liquid hand soaps
Bon Ami Powder Cleaner
round mini food storage bowl
-$10.00 (first time order)
$20.13 total
I already tried some of everything I ordered and I love the products!

Total spent this week $169.83

Menu:  What was on the table last week:

Monday                 Date day with husband  (Pinconning, MI -wonderful cheese)

Tuesday                 Stuffed Peppers

Wednesday             Grilled rosemary Pork chops

Thursday                Hot dogs and potato chips

Friday                     Leftovers with cornbread and mustard greens

Saturday                 Sauerkraut, pigs in a blanket, and baked beans.

Sunday                   BBQ Ribs, baked potato, and croissants

In the Home:

Make some more freezer meals.

Dry some more herbs.

Clean and organize the pantry (only got 1/2 done)


Date night with husband.  


Write a book review.

What ways have you saved this past week? 

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