Friday, November 18, 2016

Should I Cook My Turkey Upside Down? Update on How the turkey turned out!

It's all the rage!   I think this sounds like a great way to go!

I've seen it talked about on the T.V. morning shows (I think it was Martha Stewart) and then one of my friends talked about how great it was on Facebook.   They both have one thing in common on Thanksgiving, they turn their turkeys upside down when they cook them.   Yep the breast is on the bottom and the back is on top.  

On T.V,  I think I remember they turned the turkey around half way through or something like that.  Now, I just can't imagine turning a bird that's hot around.  I don't think that would be a good idea for a someone who is as clumsy as me.   Oh, the mess I would make!  

My friend Carol, said she doesn't turn hers around but she puts it in a turkey bag then lets it cook upside down. Turns out the best bird she has ever made.  She made it sound so delicious and easy.  It got me thinking, maybe I should consider it.  

Okay, so here is my dilemma, I guess I'm scared.   Yep, I'm scared to do something different.  I mean for over 30 some odd years I have made the bird the same traditional way.   I've never veered off that path.   I get up on Thanksgiving morning and pray (yes, I'm not putting on) that the bird has defrosted finally.  Then, I put the bird in the roaster right side up.  Smear some butter on it and bake it according to directions.   Then I throw the directions away.

An hour later I smear some more butter and drippings on it.  Then I dig the instructions out of the garbage and make sure I added up the cooking time right.   I want that bird done!  

Really a turkey is not hard for me to cook.  It's really a simple feat. Some turkeys though to me turn out a little more tough than others. Seems like this might help those times that you don't know you have a tough turkey until you sit down to eat.  Nothing like eating a tough turkey.  

So  I have some questions: have you turned your bird upside down to cook it?  Was it easy?   Should I try it?  I think I just might.

Update on the Turkey:    I hesitated just a bit and almost didn't do it.  Then I just flipped it real fast before I had time to think another thing about it.  So glad I did this turkey turned out to be moist and tender.   We all could not stop talking about how good it was.  When I flipped it over the meat just fell off the bones.  

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