Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A JORD Watch for My One True Love

This is my unbiased review of a JORD watch. I was sent this watch in exchange for my unbiased review and I loved it!    

This year me and my husband will be married for 38 years! Time has just flew by.  I remember has a young woman (I was 18) looking at him and thinking what a treasure I've found.  This man is soft spoken (except when it comes to politics) and so caring.   It's the little things he does for me that makes him special.  I'm the Queen of breaking things and he's the King of fixing them!  His favorite saying is, "don't worry we'll fix's no problem."  

I'm kind of ashamed to say all these years I've never actually given him a gift for Valentines day. Oh, we have celebrated so I'm not saying that. He remembers the flowers for me and I usually make a wonderful meal.  Not a bad situation.  To me though I always felt it was lacking. It's just hard for me to come up with a gift that's not a tool for him. Although let me tell you that a tool gift to him is a wonderful thing!  I've always wanted to get him something he could remember and I just don't think he is going to remember who gave him the tools!  Men can be so hard to buy for!  

So when JORD contacted me to do a unbiased review on their watches I knew I finally found the one present he will remember. This unique men's watch from JORD fits the bill.  It's such a cool watch and it's something for him to always remember me by!  He will say my wife gave me that for my Valentine's Gift one year.

Jord Watch -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

What makes a JORD watch so unique?  It's made out of wood!   Isn't that neat looking.   I like it especially because it goes with both the jeans my husband loves to wear everyday and the dress pants when he goes out   They have many different types of wood watches to chose from including a line of women's watches!  

The face size of a JORD Watch-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

He loved the size of the face of the JORD watch.  Big enough to see yet not too big to wear.  Perfect! 

Soft and comfortable Jord watch

What does a JORD watch feel like? Probably not at all like you might think it would. The words that came out of my husband were, soft and comfortable! 

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