Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 1/22/17 and The Third Grocery Shopping trip of No Spend January!

Here are the ways we've saved this past week:

I waited till there was enough light this morning to take a picture so you can see a little of our fog we've been having.  We have been quite warm for Michigan.  It was over 50 degrees yesterday! We have been getting rain this past week instead of snow.  My husband and neighbor fixed our sump pump and well when it quit after a heavy rain and ice storm on Monday night. We only needed to pay for parts ($27.00) and the cost of having a plumber out to help us get rid of the water ($85.00).

Went to the Henry Ford Museum  in Detroit with the grandchildren on Monday. The admission was free for everyone in celebration of Martin Luther King.   We brought a picnic so we wouldn't eat out.

Multiple times I wanted to eat out this week but I thought about other solutions.   Like looking in the refrigerator and taking food and drinks with us.  I need to do this all the time!    

I was able to use a expired coupon the one day we had to eat out. I took the coupon to our local grilled chicken place and they happily accepted it.  Total cost for the meal was $15.00.  I took this out of my spending money for the week.  

Made my own furniture polish using a recipe I found online. Worked great!

Grocery shopping:


Silk Milk $2.99 (-$1.00 ecoupon)
Stevia   $5.29
Baby wipes $1.00
Whipped topping $1.00
Diapers $6.99
Kroger Pop (not shown)  4 cartons $9.00 (with a $1.20 deposit on each carton) (-.50 ecoupon)
Kroger Total $30.05

Aldi:   I was really concerned about just how much I was going to go over when I went to Aldi. What a sale though.  I bought the eggs even though I like fresh eggs from the farm better. I will use these for baking.   I bought two gallons of whole and two gallons of two percent milk because the limit was two of the same kind.  

2 dozen large eggs .44 cents a dozen
2 gallons of two percent milk   .99 cents a gallon
2 gallons of whole milk       .99 cents a gallon
Sweetener  $3.99
2 loaves of bread   $1.39 each
Lettuce         .97
Bananas .96 cents (.29 a pound)
Peanuts $1.99
Aldi Total   $15.84

Total for this week $45.84 ($5.00 over budget)

Menu:  What was on the table last week

Breakfast included :  Oatmeal, fried eggs, cereal, and omelettes. 

Monday           Picnic

Tuesday           Out to eat (sump pump and well disaster)

Wednesday      Homemade pizza

Thursday         Sandwiches and chicken noodle soup

Friday              Turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, and sourdough rolls.

Saturday          Leftover turkey dinner

Sunday            Chicken and Dumplings (using turkey instead)

My goals for next week:

In and around the Home:

Start crocheting pretty ruffles on dish towels.  I will have to get instructions from youtube.       

I know this doesn't sound much like spring cleaning but I will be putting pictures in my scrapbooks.  Right now I have a stack of them on my dresser and I would like them off.   That should take up most of the week!


Write a book review.

What ways have you saved this past Week?  

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