Saturday, February 25, 2017

Book Review: Troublesome Creek by Jan Watson

Troublesome Creek by [Watson, Jan]

Troublesome Creek 

From Amazon:

A charming historical novel set in the late 1800s. Born and raised in the hills of Kentucky, Laura “Copper” Grace loves the wilderness of her home in Troublesome Creek. But when her stepmother threatens to send her away to boarding school to become a lady, Copper faces the possibility of losing everything that is precious to her. Copper must come to terms with her family and discover the true meaning of home. Nothing can drag her off the mountain, until the day she realizes that God has other plans for her life.

My thoughts: 

Troublesome Creek was a wonderful read.  In parts of this book I felt my heart break with the tragedies that were described, other parts I bubbled up with laughter, and then I became involved in the sweet romances.

I was so impressed with Cooper's knowledge.  She knew how to take care of herself and wanted to help others.  She loved God and her family. She especially loved the mountains and didn't want to leave.  

There was a lot of great research in this book about Kentucky in the  1800's.  Some of the descriptions are still true today. So, I bubbled up with laughter when the preacher was described as taking a "hop-step, hop-step, stroll."  I myself have seen that.  Perfect!  

What a wonderful read!  

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