Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Art of Doing Nothing

As I laid on the bed this morning.I realized I had delayed doing anything for a long time. The sweet grand baby was coming in 15 minutes and I wasn't prepared.  No dishes were put up, no floors were swept, no clothes had been folded up and I wasn't dressed yet. All that gets harder to do when she walks in the door with her sweet smile and fun loving ways.  I just couldn't help myself though. I laid there and watched the trees blowing in the wind and let my thoughts wander.  I felt at peace and took out a few moments for prayer.  It was a be still my soul moment. You know what?  I feel better for it (yep that's my big foot over there and yes sometimes I sleep with one foot out)!

Wonder why I feel so guilty doing this?  Get up early they say and you will get more done.  I'm all for that but I think along the way sometimes I forget to slow down and just enjoy life.  I forget to smell the roses so to speak.  

So what has helped this week get to a more laid back way of doing things?

1.  I've cut back on my personal social media page a lot. I still get on,  I just make sure it's only for a few minutes at a time and a few times a day.   Plus I've started posting more positive things this morning.  Yes, we all need to get back to that.  I'm finding that cutting back on this as freed up a lot of my time.  

2.  I don't always get up and do something.  My husband has shown me how to do this. He says he knows how to take it easy. He watches a basketball game all the way through and never thinks another thing about the work he needs to do.  He will get to it tomorrow.  I'm trying my best to do that too.  

3.  I'm doing the things I love.   Yes, I love to crochet and read.  I'm taking more time out to do that. The dishes, laundry, and clothes will be there no matter what.  I do make sure to get most of it done though so I don't have a heart attack when company comes.  

4.  I've turned off the noise of the T.V and let the quietness come in. It's amazing the amount of creativity that comes to mind when the constant noise isn't on.     

I've enjoyed being more laid back this week.   I'm learning the art of doing nothing.  

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