Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Bedroom Remodel So Far

We finally started remodeling our bedroom!   Yeah!   In these pictures you will always see one thing. It just gets moved around. It's the huge entertainment center that we got for free one year. We got it in to the bedroom through the window.  It's so big what were we thinking?  I think we will cut it in half and get it out of there.

The before picture.  

The before picture of our bedroom.  You can't really see how bad the walls were.  The mirror was hung sideways to hide some of the bad walls behind it.   

Then of course there was this popcorn ceiling that they made to try and cover up the drywall job. You could see the tape right through it. 

The drywall is now going up and we are excited.   We will have to trim the windows, floorboards, and closet doors ourselves.    Then we need to paint and put in the new carpet. So, I figure we are another 3 weeks out before we return to our bedroom.  I can't sleep. Help me!  

Did our No Spend January cover everything?  No, but it helped a lot with the carpet, new door, and the paint.  

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