Thursday, May 4, 2017

This Week in My Home: Cutting Back

I have been feeling for a little while.  Just plain overwhelmed.  We had a few changes in our household this past few months and I have been trying to keep up.   It hasn't worked and I have finally realized that I'm not going to be able to keep up the pace that I've been doing on the blog.   I haven't been had time to be able to even think of anything to post in the last little while.  So I've decided to cut back the amount of posts per week.  

While I'm not exactly sure on everything I have decided  I won't be doing Free Kindle Books every morning.  That alone sometimes takes me over a hour to do.  That will give me more time for cooking, gardening, and crafting.   Then I hope that will lead me to bring you more quality posts.

This is what I hope my schedule will be more like soon (feel free to drop by anytime)!  

Thursday -Book Review

Friday- This week in My Home

Saturday - Recipe, craft, or tip post

Sunday:   My Frugal Ways this Week  

I know this will be disappointing to some of you but in the end I hope you will stay with me.   I love blogging and talking to you!  

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