Friday, May 26, 2017

This Week in Our Home: Garden Rain Delay and a Back Yard Swing Remodel!

Excessive rain in late May has happened to us before.  It's always a little disheartening though when you are excited to plant your garden.  I've finally accepting that we will have to wait till it dries up. I keep telling myself we have time and it will dry up soon. The grass though is just a beautiful green isn't it?

The picture is of my husband using the tractor to plow up our garden on Monday. The rain for that day held off till late that evening.  He just basically turned the soil over to help dry it up.

Granddaughter kept saying, "why does Pop keep going in the mud?"  She couldn't wait till he was done so she could look for worms.  

While I'm waiting, I've been keeping myself busy working on recovering the swing set in the backyard.  We didn't want to buy a new one till next year or beyond and the bones are still good.  The cushions though were torn and bad looking.  Really, you thought twice about sitting on them.  I had this material from a garage sale that cost 50 cents and it almost covered them except for the top of each one.  I then used some embroidered pillow cases to make up for the lack of material (they also came from a garage sale).

Now I'm thinking on how to cover the top. All it took was one unexpected wind storm and it was a mess.  


When the sun does decide to shine we will need the top to cover our heads while we watch the garden grow.   I'm thinking a sheet.   What do you think?

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