Friday, June 23, 2017

This Week in Our Home: It's Raining so I May Mop the Floor


It's been raining all night and morning so there will be no wagon or stroller rides today with the grandchildren.  I may just mop the floor!  I'll have to think about it, that sounds like too much work.

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful day with friends canning!   Yes, just like the Amish we got together and canned peach jam.  Just like the Amish we didn't take one picture! Maybe next get together I ask if it's okay.  

While we were there we also experimented and fixed some grape jelly that didn't jell.  One of us got the information on the fix from the internet and we tried it out.  Worked great and it jelled perfectly.
I need them to come to my house all the time when I can. It was fun to talk and work a little.  The thing I can't figure out is how her kitchen just stayed so spotless through it all!  

These two ladies are a blessing to me.  Such good friends to get in touch with every month.  We make an effort to make a date and tell everyone that sorry we are busy that day.  Every month one of us decides what do and we just have fun.  We talk about our health, family, and God.   Yep, just makes me want to cry how these two women put God right in the middle of our conversation.  It comes effortlessly, it doesn't feel forced or preachy.   Just talk about how God is in our everyday life   Oh what a blessing!  Okay, sniff sniff time to go on with the rest of my night.

I went to Aldi's and found strawberry's on sale for a $1.00 a quart. I came home from our canning party to make strawberry jam last night.  About the time it started boiling in the water bath it started to thunder and lightening.   Listen, after reading The Divide this last week I was beginning to worry about the lights.  I decided in my head if the lights went out my husband would just have to build a fire for me to finish cooking! Thankfully though I was able to finish without a problem!    


I've cleaned the shelves for the jars this morning and rotated the jars (sorry about the dark picture).   So, now my last years jars are up front and will be used first.  I'm good on jam now for quite awhile.  Today,  I see a strawberry pie and strawberry muffins in our future.  😀

You guys have a blessed and wonderful day!   

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