Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Garden Update for 7/22/17: How We Are Fighting the Pests!

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It's been a wonderful summer for gardening this year.   It's been extremely hot at times like the last few days but overall we have had it good.   So has the deer!  You can see our defenses in the garden are up.  Do they work?  Yes for a short period of time.  I wouldn't even say a week but maybe a day or two.  He will leave the area that has the pans, owls. or pop cans thrown about by a crazy mad woman, then go to the one area that doesn't have anything, to eat!  

I think though we just might get a harvest!   I'm not going to give up!  

I've been watching my watermelon growing!   They are small Michigan type watermelons not like the huge ones out of the store, but they taste wonderful.   

My row of zinnia's are blooming.   I planted these in my vegetable garden to help with pollination.

Zinnias are an old fashioned flower but they are just so pretty!  

The Japanese Beetle is our other problem. They have been munching on the beans leaves too.  

Our gardening neighbor told us about Bag a Bug and we  have been trying that.  There are a lot of them in the bag since we've set it up a few days ago. I did see a few beetles just last night so I moved the bag just a little closer.  We needed to do something and this seems to be helping for the most part.  

How's your garden growing?

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