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Book Review: Come Fly with Me by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham

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Come Fly with Me by [Welborn, Gina, Whitham, Becca]

Come Fly with Me by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham

From Amazon:

New beginnings await in Helena, the Montana Territory’s most exciting city—where faithful hearts stay strong and true as they pursue their passionate dreams.

Dedicated schoolteacher Luanne Palmer is forbidden to engage in public courtship. So she hides her feelings for Roy Bennet, the free-spirited journalist who has her in awe of his hot air ballooning adventures. In any case, with his roving lifestyle and career ambitions, Roy hardly seems suited to the home life Luanne desires. She will simply have to resist his charms until he leaves town on his next assignment.

But when Roy hears that Luanne’s students are enthralled in the craft of ballooning, he can’t pass up the opportunity to impress Luanne in her classroom. Soon, Luanne must decide how much to risk on a love that challenges everything she thought she wanted . . . and only a heart-pounding race among the clouds will determine which direction their future takes . 

My thoughts:

I loved the historical feel to Come Fly with Me.  Reading this book makes me realize that everything wasn't so simple long ago. Yet, with the great descriptions, it made me want to live even more in that era. It was such an exciting time when the modern technologies we now know were just being discovered.  

There where some great characters in this book that just made me flip the pages.  I loved her mom and dad (just basically her whole family), Roy, and the helpful Mrs. Hollenbeck.  Luanne, a dedicated caring teacher, though spoke to my heart. She wanted what was best for the children she taught and was heavily involved in helping the community.  She failed to think of herself though and I think we are all guilty of that.  

The romance plus the history makes Come Fly with me a wonderful read.  I never once wanted to stop or flip through the story to get to the best part.  It was the perfect sized book for a busy week!

You can buy Come Fly with Me here.

This book was given to me by one of the authors. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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