Saturday, July 8, 2017

In the Garden: The Mix Up

A couple of friends came over last week and were talking about my cucumber vine support.  I told them the vines were not climbing so I must have bought bush cucumber plants.    We all had a little laugh and went on our way.  

I picked my first "cuke" before the rain hit us.

I had one problem when I took it in the kitchen, it was a zucchini.   I had mixed up the vines!  😏 Listen I could taste that cucumber.  I even peeled it before I woke up to smell the roses zucchini.   I was so disappointed!  

My cukes are doing well at the very back of the garden.  Spreading out just like a cucumber plant should do.   So glad we don't have many visitors to my garden.   Don't tell anyone okay?

Waiting patiently for this one to get big.

How's your garden coming along?

Disclaimer:   I don't usually promote weed growth.  These plants are in the back of the garden and I didn't make it there before the storm hit.

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