Friday, September 15, 2017

2017 Frankenmuth Michigan Car Show

We went on a date last Sunday to the Frankenmuth Car Show. At just $5.00 a piece to get in, it was a fun and frugal date. 

You know car shows didn't start out to be my thing.  I started going just to keep the husband company and so I wouldn't be home alone. I have found there is always something to look at to keep me from getting bored. This time these grape vines growing on the hillside immediately got my eye. They were just loaded with beautiful grapes.

Then there are always so many nice people to talk to.  I always try to talk like I know something about cars.  Yes, I tell people, "can you believe those low miles?" or "you don't see motors like that anymore!" It helps to talk their language and then walk away quick before they realize you are a scam.

Then I start to  look for the unusual cars.  This 1914 electric car caught my attention right away. To think they had that idea so long ago.

The inside was pure luxury.   They rode in style that's for sure.  

Made by Detroit Electric.  

Here is another unusual one that we were attracted to, the Urban.  It seemed like a neat car to ride around town but for some reason though I could imagine clowns coming out of it.  

Then there were so many cars that were just in pristine condition. Some are very rare.  I'm always amazed at the trunk size.  Big places to put my groceries are always cool. Hang on I'll ask husband what kind of car it is.  

57 Fairline

To end the day we watched the boat, The Bavarian Belle,  go by and decided that we would bring the grandchildren up for a boat ride.  It would be very pretty ride when the colors change soon.   

As a bonus there were free giveaways!  We both received free tshirts after we took a car survey (I'm sure they will be contacting us soon). We also came home with 4 pairs of sunglasses and those things you put around your coke can to keep it cool (they will never get used but they were free).  

It was a great time!  

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