Friday, September 22, 2017

What to Do When Fall Decides to go Back to Summer

We are burning up here in our part of Michigan.   I mean I'm hot! It's 90 degrees and it feels like 104 with the humidity. This is Michigan we are supposed to be in sweat shirts and viewing the Fall leaves about now!

The unbelievable part of it is that it's supposed to be like this for at least 4 more days!  I hear that it has something to do with the recent hurricanes.  The weatherman said it looked like we are in a donut hole.  Well I believe they have put the donut holes in the deep fryer!    

Guess what we decided to do about a week ago?   We decided it was time to unplug the air and get the vent out of the window. Because you know winter will be here soon.  Yes, well.  

So, what to do when Fall decides to go back to Summer?   It's really simple you just hook back up the air conditioner as soon as possible!  Now I'm good.

Great part about it?   The tomatoes are ripening!  

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