Friday, February 9, 2018

What's Been Happening at Our Home: My Shocking Little Secret

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The one word for our week so far is -Snow!   We are expecting 5 to 7 inches today and more tomorrow.   Winter is here!  I know some of you are experiencing Spring or Summer and to tell you quite frankly,  I'm jealous.   Our snow is pretty though.     

This little woodpecker was outside my window this morning.  Sorry for the blurry picture but he just moved so fast! 

He was after the suet feeder!  

They say to just leave the snow on the bushes so that's what we do.  They always go back together come Spring.  

I missed my book review day because I'm still enjoying A Home for Hannah by Amy Lillard.  I can't wait till after we get done shoveling and plowing snow today to get back to where I left off!  

My Shocking Little Secret:

I've decided to just let it out of the bag and tell you my little secret. I'm sure it all stems from my childhood (it always does).  Now don't freak out too bad when I tell you that.... I'm a dog ear person.  It's shocking I know!  

I've seen multiple posts about this.  I know what it does to books but I just can't stop.   I read those posts and feel so bad that I make sure to use a bookmark in my the next book I read.  That works for a little while and then I'm right back at it.   It's like biting your nails it's a bad habit I can't stop.  Please don't judge me too bad, I do try my best to use a bookmark if it comes from the library (most of the time).

How is it going at your house this week?  

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