Monday, March 19, 2018

My Menu Plan for this Week 3/19/18!

We celebrated our anniversary a little early a couple of weeks ago by going to a bluegrass concert (Ricky Skaggs).  Before the concert started we decided to eat at the Indian resturant across from the concert hall.   We had never eaten at one before and we thought it would be fun to try.  We ordered what we thought sounded good and just hoped we picked right. My husband ordered some chicken type roll ups and I ordered some other chicken dish.   My husband said, " this is so good take a bite."  So I did and right away I knew it too hot.  He looked at me strange and starting eating them.  Around roll up #3 his face started turning red and beads of sweat started pouring down his face.  Nope, I didn't control my laughter at all.  My chicken dish wasn't too bad but it was totally different then what I expected.  Why we didn't ask the waiter what would have been good for a someone who had never had Indian food before, I just don't know.

So, he got it in his mind we needed an Anniversary dinner do over.  I loved the idea and we went to our local steak house yesterday.  It was so good but I know the dinner that we will always remember will be the Indian one.  

The Ricky Skaggs concert was his Christmas present from me and we loved it.  It was all bluegrass/christian and it was wonderful!  

Menu Plan for this week 3/19/18

Monday              Reuben Sandwiches with baked beans

Tuesday              Taco Tuesday

Wednesday         Steak sandwiches (with the steak um we bought on sale) and french fries

Thursday            Lasagna

Friday                 Leftovers

Saturday             Out to eat Wendy's burger (we didn't have this last week)

Sunday               Homemade Pizza

What's on your menu this week?


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