Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 4/22/18!

These flowers were covered in snow a few days ago and just like that we have Spring!   I have so much to do outside now and I'm already exhausted trying to keep up!  I'm so happy Spring has finally Sprung!   

Here are the way's I saved this week:

I started off this week by returning things. The flip flops I ordered didn't fit just right. I was almost going to just put up with the tightness around my toes when my husband said, if I were you, I would just send those back.  It's just a hassle to return things I ordered but I managed to make myself put them go to the post office. Now, the money is my pocket and not just sitting in the closet, never to be worn.  

I picked up a small bottle of vitamins that said they were on sale for $3.60 or at least they were in the slot that said $3.60.  I looked on my receipt when I got home and they were $19.67!  Does this happen to you?  I took them back right away and bought a much larger bottle, same stuff, and same make for $11.00.  

This week we went to a church sale, estate sale, and a garage sale. Among other things,  I was able to buy books, one bag of silverware, one bag of spoons, clothes for the grandchildren, clothes for the husband, spray nozzle for daughter's sink, and a duffel bag for me.  Now, we can use a spoon to stir our coffee instead of turning a fork upside down.  Spoons are like socks in my house, they disappear. 

The picture above is from the estate sale. We always look for the small stuff that help our household if we don't see anything else.  I paid $6.00 for the  basket, wax paper, plastic wrap, garbage bags and embroidery thread. After I sorted the embroidery thread I ended up with 80 skeins. 

I made up more chili mix.  Some cold winters we can go through quite a lot of chili to help keep us warm.  The Chili Mix recipe will be coming soon.  

I went to Kroger and bought the cereal that was on sale Saturday for .99 cents.  They didn't have the hamburger or the snack bars that were advertised though.  My total came out to $70.44 so I was able to use my coupon I received in the mail for $6.00 off of $70.00.  After my coupons and bottle returns my total was $56.00.  

I took the Kroger survey at the bottom of my receipt. Gas prices have just skyrocketed so we need all the discounts we can get.


I got into cleaning the living room last week when we had our last fire of the season.  We burned every box and piece of wood that was beside the fireplace.  That one thing led to another and the living room was officially Spring Cleaned.

For some reason I keep dodging cleaning the den. I'm going to make myself go back there this week.  

What are the ways you saved this past week?  

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