Saturday, May 26, 2018

Getting Started In The Flower and Vegetable Garden

I bought this bike planter last year at a garage sale.  It was originally rusted black and it seemed invisible.  This year I painted it white and it's so much better!  I've decided it's okay to change up old things.  

The herb garden that I grow in Mom's old wash tub came back full force and I only had to buy a rosemary plant.  I've already used the chives this week.  Unique planters I think jazz up the garden.  Don't you?  

The lettuce that I started from the winter sown jugs is growing so well.   I've harvested the leaf lettuce multiple times.  It just keeps on giving!   

You can see the feet of my husband roto tilling the garden.  He just tilled the top, trying to help it dry out.   He had mud all over him!

When you can make mud balls it's not ready yet.   Maybe by Monday.  Today looks like.. we may get more rain.    

 Another picture of my lettuce (I think I had mud on my lens before).

How's your garden growing?  

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