Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What I have been up to these Past Couple of Weeks-Fun, Frugality, and Rest!

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I thought I would let you know what has been keeping me busy the last few weeks.   I had some fun with a some frugality mixed in!  Now I'm rested, feel better,  and ready for the Memorial Day Weekend.

I won Princess ball tickets for my granddaughter.  She would only sit with her favorite Frozen Princesses.  I believe she would love to be a princess or a fairy. 

We had a little excitement when we saw a turkey in our yard!  We see turkeys occasionally on our street but usually not by my bedroom window!  

Strawberries finally came on sale for the price I buy every season.  I bought 12 quarts at .99 a quart.  I made 8 half pints and 12 pints of strawberry jam.  Saved the perfect one for the fair.

I pickled some eggs and to tell you the truth they were awful.  Just awful.  My husband bought a different  brand of pickled bologna and I didn't realize how hot and spicy the brine was.  They all went in the trash. I will stick with the best and never do that again.  Never, ever!

I imagined my life by now busy putting in our garden.  Yeah,well that hasn't happened because it's rained just about every single day!  We just slosh threw the backyard everyday to get things done.  We've been through this before and it's amazing how fast things can turn around.  It better do it quick!  
Plain Perfect (Daughters of the Promise Book 1) by [Wiseman, Beth]

Right now I'm reading a book that I got at a sale, Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman.  So far, I'm loving it!  

I spend my nights working on embroidering a quilt for my granddaughter for Christmas.  I usually do this while husband is watching baseball.  I just look up every once in a while when the announcer gets excited.  I have plans on getting two squares done a week.  Listen, grandson is just a little jealous so I have to get rolling on something for him too!  

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