Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 6/10/18!

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Here are the ways I've saved this past week:

The At Last roses I received last year for review are blooming!  They are just so pretty and have such a nice fragrance.   One didn't come back but I have 3 lovely rose bushes outside our bedroom window.   

I harvested and dried thyme this past week.  It wasn't a lot so I hung it to dry.  

In the vegetable garden I weeded and replanted the Watermelon plants.  I'm not exactly sure why every one of my previous plants died but I have a theory.  When I got the plants there were two of them in each little box and I separated them. I think in the end I stressed them out.      

We went to garage sales as much as we could.  We found a dehydrator for $3.00, a little Cadillac motorized ride for the granddaughter for $25, a like new Columbia winter jacket for the grandson for $8.00 (we always prepare for winter no matter if it's 100 degrees), some clothes for me and my husband, and bunch of little toys for grand kids.  

It rained all day yesterday so we decided to make a trip to the Mennonite store and stock up the freezer a little.  Among other things we bought Oscar Mayer bacon for $2.99, chicken breast (bone in)  for $1.67 a pound, and breakfast sausage for .99. 

When we went to another meat store they were giving away seed packets for the garden.  We took two packs of white half runner and one packet of top crop green bean seeds.  We have never tried top crop before so that would be interesting. 

My goals for next week (a bunch of little things):

Keep up with weeding the garden.  We received over an inch of rain yesterday so the weeds will be popping up for sure.  So far I've raked up enough grass to mulch almost the entire tomato and lettuce patches.    

I cleared out the pantry but didn't wipe the shelves down.  I hope to get to that this week along with cleaning out the freezer.  

Clean the computer/sewing room.  

Find out what's eating my rose bush leaves and what to do about it.  

What are the ways you've saved this past week?  

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